mnmlist: minimalism, the quick method

Some of you might have, as one of your goals, the desire to become a minimalist.

But the path to becoming a minimalist doesn’t have to be long and arduous. It’s fairly simple, actually.

You just do and buy less.

It’s a switch that you can flip, in an instant: one moment you’re a resource-hogging, polluting, consumerist materialist capitalist swine (no offense), and the next, you’re a minimalist.

It just takes the decision to live with less, and to be content with where you are and what you have and who you are.

You can do this, right now.

Will all the stuff in your life instantly disappear? No, of course not – you’ll still need to chuck all your stuff. You’ll need to get out of all your commitments, and start simplifying your schedule and to-do list.

That’ll all take time and effort, I concede. And there’s more, that’ll take time: changing your buying habits, changing your impulses, gradually letting go of attachments, getting used to having less.

But that all comes later. That comes with the territory.

For now, you can just flip the switch: start buying less (right now), start doing less (right now), slow down, and find contentment. Right now, right here. Be happy with what you have, with your life, with where you are. Stop focusing on what you don’t have, because godblessit, you have way more than most of the world — even if you gave up your big car, big home, tons of food, and most of your possessions. You have the world, and you need to learn to love it.

It takes an instant. It’s harder than hell, but it can happen right now.