mnmlist: if you had to move, what would you take?

One of the most satisfying things happens when I move to a new house: forced minimalism.

When I move — and many people are the same way — I declutter my possessions so I don’t have to move so much. I’d rather get rid of half my stuff than have to pack and move it all.

It takes some work to declutter everything, but it’s deeply satisfying. And it’s much easier these days, now that I normally keep things fairly simple. Still, there’s always an accumulation of clutter that happens over time.

When I’m done moving, I’m down to the bare essentials (plus a few other comforts). My new home is beautifully minimalist, and I’m truly happy.

I try to keep my home like this most of the time, but with all my kids, it’s not always possible.

Moving forces me to be minimalist, and it’s a time of reflection: what do I need? What do I really use? What do I love?

So my question today for you: if you had to move today, what would you take?

It might be useful to make an actual list. Then it might be useful to get rid of everything not on the list.

Just a thought.