mnmlist: things I don’t have that many do

I’m not sharing this list to brag or imply that I’m superior in any way to people who have these things. However, I think such a list might serve as inspiration, to show that it’s possible to give up things we consider normal or necessary.

Things I don’t have that many do:

  • toaster
  • microwave
  • paper towels
  • car
  • car loan
  • car insurance
  • house loan
  • home insurance
  • health insurance
  • debt
  • cable TV subscription
  • TV set
  • hair
  • brush or comb
  • hair products
  • very many clothes or shoes
  • paper files
  • photo albums
  • gym membership
  • meat, cheese or eggs in my diet
  • junk food in my house
  • magazines or newspapers (nor do I read/watch news online)
  • a Facebook account
  • Instagram or Pinterest
  • ads or popups on my websites
  • affiliate program for my products
  • social sharing buttons
  • a suitcase
  • a watch
  • smart phone

Again, I’m not better than anyone who has these things. I’ve just found them to be unnecessary in my life, and I’ve removed them to make room for things I love more.

p.s. Yes, hair was included to make you smile, but also yes, not having hair is an intentional choice. I shave my head weekly. It saves me a ton of time in hair maintenance, and I never have to worry if I look good while I’m out & about. I always look good, in other words.