mnmlist : theme

New: Version 3 of the mnmlist theme is here!

I developed a pretty minimalist WordPress theme for, and I’d like to share it with my fellow bloggers.

This theme is offered for free, uncopyrighted, as is.

A screenshot:

The mnmlist theme is stripped bare, to the essentials, without any distractions from the content. It features:

  • A white, clean, uncluttered design.
  • Distraction-free content.
  • Minimalist footer.
  • Nothing else.
  • No header.
  • No sidebar.
  • No comments. If you want comments, you’ll have to add them in yourself.
  • No widgets.
  • No “open hooks”.
  • No extra features.
  • No copyright or DRM.
  • No charge.

This is v3 of the theme. It’s still uncopyrighted and still free – and always will be. In this version:

  • I’ve stripped away more stuff
  • fonts are improved
  • still no sidebar, comments, header
  • still has an archives page with search
  • still has simplified design

Yes, I know that’s too minimalist for some people, so Version 1 is still available below, with a header and sidebar.


Download Version 3 of the mnmlist theme.


1. Download the theme.
2. Unzip it.
3. Upload into your WordPress themes directory (in wp-content).
4. Go to your WordPress admin themes panel, activate mnmlist theme.
5. Customize index & footer to have whatever links, copyright you like. Feel free to take out the mnmlist theme credit if you want.
6. Customize archives to reflect your domain in the search function, and your blog’s categories.

More info in the README text file available in the theme’s folder.

Again, this is offered as is. If you want to customize it, feel free to do so! Change the colors, fonts, link style … center the layout, move the sidebar around, add comments, whatever you like. If there are bugs, fix them! I hope find some value in the theme.

Version 2

Version 2 is still available for download:

Download Version 2 of the mnmlist theme.

Here’s a screenshot:

Version 1

Version 1 is still available for download.

See the screenshots:

Download Version 1 of the mnmlist theme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is there no header, sidebar, comments?
A: I intentionally made this as minimalist as possible. I removed all the features I don’t want. If you want more features, I’d suggest another theme. This theme allows readers to focus on the content, and nothing else.

Q: How do I change the links in the footer?
A: Instructions are in the “Read Me” file in the theme, but basically click on Footer in the theme editor in WordPress. You’ll see the links to uncopyright and this theme. Feel free to put your own copyright info or whatever you like in the footer. No need to leave the credit in there, but I won’t mind if you do.

Q: How do I center the layout instead of having it all the way to the left?

A: In the Stylesheet, at the top, add “margin: 0 auto;” inside the brackets of the #container line. I think that should work but I could be wrong.

Q: How do I put pictures in posts?
A: Use the img tag. I tend to put them at the top of posts, before I start writing the post. Here’s an example:

< img src=”” alt=”” / >
< small >Photo courtesy of < a href=”” >stuartpilbrow< /a >.< /small >

This is for the image and also for the photo credit below the image. Again, take the spaces out before and after the brackets.

Q: How do I add comments into the theme?
A: That’s a little more complicated, but it’s doable. I can’t give you full instructions here, but in a nutshell, what you’ll need to do:

1. Find a theme that uses comments that look the way you like them.
2. Copy the comments.php file into the mnmlist theme directory.
3. Copy the code that calls for the comments, in the Single Post file, and paste it into the appropriate place in the Single Post file in the mnmlist theme.
4. Copy the stylesheet css code for comments and paste it into the stylesheet for the mnmlist theme.

You may need to experiment to get that to work the way you like.

Update: Danny Cooper modified Version 1 of this theme, adding comments. See his version here.

I don’t plan to add comments or a sidebar or other features. In fact, if anything I would remove more things in the future. If anyone wants to modify this theme to add in other options, let me know on Twitter and I’ll link to it from here.