mnmlist : 50 things

This is my personal 50 Things Challenge … I’m listing all my personal possessions and trying to keep them to 50 things. I challenge you to join me!

Note: This used to be the 100 Things Challenge, but as of 02.13.2010, I’ve cut my challenge in half and got rid of half my possessions over the last week.

The rules I’m following:

  • Only personal things, that belong only to me. Doesn’t include household furniture, dishes, cleaning supplies, or other shared items such as our family digital camera and the TV.
  • Books aren’t counted. I’d never make 100 things if I counted books, even though I don’t keep even 1/4 of what I used to own. Edit: Actually, now that I’ve gotten rid of almost all my books, I think I could get to under 50 things if I included books. I’m aiming for half a dozen books, and I’m almost there.
  • I can get new things, but will try to keep them under 50 things.

Here’s my list of 50 things (as of 04.22.2010):

  1. iMac.
  2. Macbook Air.
  3. Iomega 1TB hard drive.
  4. Minimalist desk.
  5. Chair, wooden. Need a more ergonomic desk chair.
  6. Cell phone, Nokia.
  7. Flip flops.
  8. Birkenstock sandals.
  9. Blue Converse tennis shoes.
  10. Belt.
  11. Wallet. Really just a moneyband with cash, my ID and a debit card.
  12. Backpack.
  13. Razor.
  14. Shaving cream.
  15. Electric clipper for shaving my head.
  16. Deodorant.
  17. Swimming trunks, blue.
  18. Grey shorts.
  19. Light green shorts.
  20. Tan shorts.
  21. Dark green shorts.
  22. Plaid shorts.
  23. Jeans.
  24. Hoodie, Navy blue.
  25. T-shirt, sea blue.
  26. T-shirt, grey fitted.
  27. T-shirt, darker green.
  28. T-shirt, grey heather.
  29. Muji T-shirt, dark blue w/ split collar.
  30. Muji T-shirt, grey w/ split collar.
  31. T-shirt, blue w/ herbivore cross.
  32. Muji tank top, dark grey.
  33. Running shirt, nike black.
  34. Sleeveless workout shirt, grey.
  35. Running shirt, dark grey nike.
  36. Running shorts, nike blue.
  37. Running shorts, nike blue.
  38. Running shorts, nike black.
  39. Socks, white. Counting these as one group, only have 2 pairs.
  40. Underwear, also counting as a group. 8 pairs.
  41. Giant road bike.
  42. Boar-bristle shaving brush. (got for Christmas)
  43. Vibram Fivefingers KSO.

Got rid of recently (things that were on the list):

  1. Muji tank top, light grey.
  2. Running shirt, white nike.
  3. Running shorts, nike black.
  4. T-shirt, green.
  5. Pants, green.
  6. Blue shorts, worn.
  7. Asics running shoes.
  8. 2nd pair of Asics running shoes.
  9. Polo shirt, blue striped.
  10. Polo shirt, dark blue.
  11. Jeans.
  12. Jeans.
  13. Jeans.
  14. Pants, green.
  15. Pants, brown.
  16. Linen pants, green.
  17. Dress pants, tan.
  18. Dress pants, grey.
  19. Dress shirt, blue striped.
  20. Dress shirt, brown.
  21. Black shorts, worn. For wearing around the house.
  22. Black & white shorts, worn. For wearing around the house.
  23. Hoodie, Navy blue. Accidentally got two of these. Don’t ask.
  24. Swimming trunks, light blue paisley.
  25. Green shorts.
  26. Polo shirt, dark green.
  27. T-shirt, black.
  28. T-shirt, black.
  29. T-shirt, dark blue.
  30. T-shirt, black w/ Japanese anime.
  31. T-shirt, light blue.
  32. Running shorts, nike blue.
  33. Running shirt, white Adidas.
  34. Running shirt, addidas grey.
  35. Running shirt, white Yankees.
  36. Running shirt, blue & black nike.
  37. Running shirt, grey.
  38. Running shirt, black.
  39. Running shirt, blue.
  40. Dark green shorts.
  41. Blue shorts.
  42. Deck of cards.
  43. Panic spinner hoodie, grey.
  44. Baseball cap, blue.
  45. Zuriik Ake slip-on shoes, charcoal. Ordered these before deciding to do the 100 things.
  46. Brown dress shoes.
  47. Moleskine notebook for writing notes.
  48. Black shorts, worn.
  49. T-shirt, light brown w/ ringed collar.
  50. T-shirt, dark grey fitted.
  51. Dress socks, black. Also counting as a group, only a few pairs.
  52. T-shirt, light grey.
  53. T-shirt, grey heather w/ pocket.

Obviously I own more than this, if you count shared items. A couple of couches, a bed, a dresser, TV, an Apple TV, a TV stand, a dining room set, dishes and pots and pans, food, a refrigerator, a digital camera, soap and shampoo. Books — less than 10 now that I’ve recently given away most of them. Not to mention the things the rest of my family owns that I don’t use. The items listed above are just my personal items, owned only by me.